Yoga “FreeFlow”: “For a Life of Enjoyment”

It is funny when I think of it, I always hear (and often talk) about practicing inner peace, patience, openness, satisfaction, appreciation, being in the moment, letting go of the blocks and pains, finding one’s true spirit… etc…

Yet, rarely, do I hear (nor did I talk until now) about “just” Enjoying the moments as they come and take the time and energy to create Enjoyable moments. Stop taking everything too seriously and Just really feel deep heartfelt Joy and Love for what is going on right now… It may not seem like much but when practiced it does bring about the “inner peace, patience, openness, satisfaction, appreciation, being in the moment, letting go of the blocks and pains, finding one’s true spirit etc…”. Not only does it bring it all about, it does it totally naturally and  without forcing.

Food for thought…

This brings about the new motto on my website: Yoga “FreeFlow”: “For a Life of Enjoyment”

Yoga FreeFlow Saying: “to Live a Life you Love”

“to Live a Life you Love: Plan, organize and structure your life so that everyday is spent doing something you Love. Doing something that inspires and exalts you. Doing something that makes you happy.

Don’t forget to enjoy what you do while you do it, for enjoyment is the key to happiness and contentment.

FreeFlow Saying inspired by saying from Garrett Gunderson

“For the Joy of Free Motion, Balance and Openness”

I always describe Yoga “FreeFlow” as “Yoga in motion”, a fluid form of Yoga, a bit like a slowmotion “dance” made of asanas and pranayamas (yoga poses and rhythmic breath control).
All Yoga “FreeFlow” series (1 & 2) are structured and build in 4 blocks:
-Opening / Preparations Flow
-Dynamic Flow
-Deep Flow
-Closing / Relaxation Flow

The rhythm and dynamic curve of the training follows (and obeys) this structure.
Building up the rhythm from opening to dynamic flow then slowing down according to the body’s needs to organically get into the deep poses to finally get into Relaxation and “FreeFow” meditations.
As you can see, the dynamic curve of the training is the “a and o” of “FreeFlow”, it’s also the key to what I call the “Full Body Motion Training Feel”, which is the real fun part of Yoga “FreeFlow”.

Years ago I did gymnastics (paralell barres, reck and mat). I was always amazed by how fun, exciting and vitalizing it was to learn and practice all the moves, going with their flow and momentum, fully concentrated and immersed in the moment and action.
Generally, I felt really strong, peaceful and Free after training, a feeling i really got addicted to, the “Full Body Motion Training Feel”.

In 1996, I took my first classical Hatha Yoga class and even though it was not really flowy, I felt straight away the “Full Body Motion Training Feel” I had experienced during my gymnastic years. The feel was more open, peaceful and balanced then what I had experienced previously in gymnastic, still it’s core essence was the same. It really didn’t take more to convince me to stand on my mat each and every day since. Driven by the quest for inner Freedom, my practice (and now teaching) has evolved from classical Hatha to “FreeFlow” following one motto:
“For the Joy of Free Motion, Balance and Openness”