YogaFreeFlow 5 Creation Diary: 10.05.13 – Technical Focus of YFF 5

#FREEDOM to me, translates in Handstands & variations… the pleasure and Fun of being upside down.
#FREEDOM also means #OPENNESS which translates in deep Arches

I also want to revisit the 2 breaths “Greeting to the Moon”
This is gonna be Fun

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YogaFreeFlow 5 Creation Diary: 07.05.13 – Theme of YFF 5

I figured out the theme of the Yoga FreeFlow 5th cycle… after “Yoga FreeFlow 4 Stability” which concentrated on core power and grounding among other things, Yoga FreeFlow 5 is all about “FREEDOM”

Parts of the warm up were already created for the workshop I gave last month, with a new variation of the “Mother Flow” the rest should be pure FreeFlow and technical delight… can’t wait