Yoga “FreeFlow”: The Yoga “Freestyle”

One of the greatest pleasure of Yoga “FreeFlow” is the freedom of being creative with the way we practice Yoga. Don’t get me wrong, technique is technique, the Art is to be creative in the use of this technique.

Creating a Yoga “FreeFlow” cycle is a bit like creating a gourmet meal for the body, mixing and combining Yoga poses and movements to offer a delightful, powerful and fun work out. Turning a Yoga pose or a set of Yoga poses in movements, to get a better flow and rhythmic build up. Combining Yoga poses you wouldn’t think of combining normally to teach the body new coordinations or to increase the technical difficulty of the sequences… These are but a few ways to play with Yoga training to make it “FreeFlow”. Once you start with “FreeFlow”, the sky is the limit.